DUE DILIGENCE AUDITS If considering initiating a new business or on the verge of making major investments, due diligence audits would be success and future of your business. Due diligence review not only look at historical financial performances but also help building a wide spectrum of business opportunities.
Due Diligence Audits involves reviewing of five major areas before making an investment:
  • A legal review

  • A financial review

  • A management review

  • A marketing review

  • Lastly, a technical review
At   Amit Ved & Associates, we are focused towards generating valuable due diligence reports by keeping in constraint actual requirements of our worthy clients. OUR SERVICE AREAS INVOLVE:
  • Expert consulting in incorporation of new company/overseas
  • Minimize, reduce and control risks that are likely to be encountered in business
  • Secretarial compliance audits
  • Holding of meetings, maintenance, filing records, returns and matters related to investor grievances
  • Gathering, reviewing financial information to avoid errors and failure
  • To assist our clients through all the major and minor VISION
  • MISSION Provide an exceptional standard of service to internal and external clients
  • BELEIFS Believe in delivering prompt and accurate services
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